Global Sourcing became very popular after the 50´s and it is an essential part of global economic activity. The main purpose is to  gain price advantages by procuring commodities and goods outside of the homeland. This can be very lucrative in some cases, where it could cut costs up to 100 % for some commodities and goods. 

The important issue while doing global sourcing is the access of information about possible partners and the provided commodities and goods. Even though, the current access to information through the high level of connectivity is very high, it is still necessary to have a partner specialised in this field.

We as a specialised procurement company help you search and define reliable partners for your demanded goods and commodities. While doing so, we can either be the selling company or a service provider.

Our clients benefit from our vast amount of experience in international trade and a wide global network of reliable partners in nearly all kind of industries. 


  • Fast respond and offer for inquiries
  • Sourcing as a service. We always try to provide the best conditions for our clients
  • Long term business relations
  • Quick and smooth handling of transactions